What you need to know about DIY bathroom towel holders?

What you need to know about DIY bathroom towel holders?

Like other rooms in your house, the bathroom also deserves mention, and bathroom towel holders in India are a good thing to have. In case you are strapped of cash and need some DIY ideas on towel holders, here’s some;

  • You can requisition a couple of old wooden hangers and turn them into towel bars. Find a sturdy and robust surface, anchor a piece of dowel before you attach the hanger with screws.

  • You can also use a vertical shelving unit for the towels in the bathroom, and as an addition, add a smallish hook near the bottom of the shelving unit to hang a hand towel. This gives you more space for the regular towels, and you have the added advantage of easy reach to a hand towel when you wash your hands.

  • A few feet of good old rope also turns into a handy towel rack if you know how. The ends of the rope have to be tied up in knots and they need to be secured at the ends to pieces of nail and a little glue for extra measure. Be careful that the rope is taut enough so that the towels do not touch the ground.

  • To create a good and effective hanging rack in the bathroom, you can also use some rope and a few bits and ends of plastic tubes. Be careful not to pick out garish colours in the selection process.

  • If you have a wooden basket with an interesting shape to it, it can be hung on a hook inside the bathroom and used as a rack for storing towels. It does provide you with considerable storage space especially if the towels are neatly rolled up.

  • This one’s pretty good. Say you have some tin cans of the same size, pile them on top of each other like a pyramid, say three at the bottom, two in the middle and one at the top and make sure they’re all facing the same way. Then secure the pyramid with a ribbon of suitable colour and voila, you have a neat little space to store your rolled up towels.

  • Old picture frames can be used to hang towels in the bathroom. You need to hang two frames on the side of the wall close to each other, and the third frame which will act as the hanger has to be secured to the frames of the previous two and not the wall. It helps if the picture frames are staggered for that extra bit of effect.

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