How to Organize Towels in Your Bathroom?

How to Organize Towels in Your Bathroom?

A bathroom, whether it is small or large, needs organizing in order to make it clutter free. We focus specifically on bathroom towel storage today, because towels play a major role in any bathroom, large or small. Towel rack for bathroom in India is available at any decent store, but you have to know how to organize your towels in order to optimize space. These alternative ideas will help you to keep a grip on your towels, read on;

  • You could use the area below your sink and turn that into storage spaces. You need to roll up the towels and stack them neatly in wooden storage boxes and use them one at a time to minimize washing, and also to keep the area uncluttered.

  • A basket is a very good option if you want to store towels there. My personal favorite is a wicker basket, though one does have to be careful that it is not exposed to water, or it will tend to swell. The basket needs to be placed near the shower within hand’s reach. After you is done using it to pat yourself dry, place it on a towel rack to dry out.

  • When you’re planning to store towels in small bathroom, horizontal storage is out of the question. You need to think of vertical storage. You can use a tall wall spine kind of bookshelf to utilize space and store your towels.

  • If you have a wine-rack, it can be used to store towels within easy reach. Besides its decorative appeal, using towels of different colors adds a splash of variety in an otherwise dull bathroom. Remember that the towels have to be rolled.

  • Use a cabinet for storing towels, and you save a lot of space. The cabinet should be high enough but not too high. Using white paint for the cabinet gives it a pristine and soothing look, conducive to relaxation.

  • If you have a ladder lying around the house that you do not use anymore, you could utilize it to hang towels. This quaint solution is sure to pique interest. To add effect, paint the ladder in a sharp contrast to the walls of the bathroom.

  • You can use a shelving unit to store towels in the bathroom as well, provided the unit is not too large.

So there you have it, try these ideas for bathroom towel rack in India and feel the difference in comfort and extra space.

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