How to Modernize Your Bathroom?

How to Modernize Your Bathroom?

We understand the importance and value of bathrooms. If you are in the mood to modernize your bathroom using modern bathroom accessories in India, here’s how to go about it, just a few helpful tips;

  • Use a dramatic glass mirror that grabs attention. Also use glass and chrome accented shelves along with stylized towel bars. You can create wainscoting along with a wall covering which makes it look like a white painted and beaded board. To add effect, you need to paint the upper half of the wall in a contrasting colour.

  • You can renew the look of your vanity cabinet by giving it a fresh coat of paint or better still, a stain. If it is already stained, you can sand off the finish before applying a new coat of stain. Finish the procedure with a coat of colour.

  • In order to improve the efficiency of your cabinet, you could add pull-out shelves to deep cabinets. This helps to store necessities within easy sight and reach.

  • You can use affordable white tiles for the shower space. They can also be used for the lower portion of your bathroom walls. Accented tiles are also a good option.

  • If you have an old light fixture in your bathroom for ages, consider replacing that with a modern update. It helps if you choose glass features and a layered look for the lights to stand out.

  • You can add a small medicine cabinet along with a first aid kit in a wall niche. This can come in very handy for emergencies, and you’ll know where to look for them, all in one place.

  • You can also opt for a counter top replacement. Consider performed laminates and granite slabs for a classy look.

  • Paint the cabinet doors in a different colour for a quick update. You could install a new toilet seat if you want, or use matching towel bars and toilet paper holders.

  • Consider adding texture to the walls. This can be done by using a beaded board rather than individual ones.

  • Traverse the flea markets in your area to pick up vintage sinks, tubs and other fixtures if you want to go retro.

  • Make sure that the shower space is stylish yet functional. Installing a handheld sprayer takes away much of your bathing woes.

By using these tips, you can modernize your bathroom within budget and give it a whole new look and feel.

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