How to Create Style with Bathroom Fittings?

How to Create Style with Bathroom Fittings?

Are you in the search of best quality bathroom fittings but are on a strict budget? Well, this is where bathroom fittings distributors in India can come for the rescue. Offering premium fixtures and accessories, a reliable distributor understands the requirements of their customers and ensures that their each and every demand is met to perfection.

However, the work doesn't end with the selection of best accessories, rather after this you need to look for ways to create style with the help of these fixtures. Not sure how to do that, here are a few tips to consider.

What Are The Different Bathroom Styles?
There are tons of bathroom styles and designs to choose from, where the use of appropriate fittings and fixture will reflect the theme that you have selected and nothing appears out of the place. Some of the popular styles that you can create by using bathroom fixtures are:

  • Modern: A modern home demands for a modern bathroom that consists of wall mounted fittings, deep baths and a well-organized vanity to make it natural and minimal. A golden rule of thumb for modern design is never opt for too many fittings, affecting the simplicity of the design rather chooses only those that are extremely important for the room.

  • Traditional: Contemporary homes are incomplete without traditional bathrooms. These styles require elaborate and detailed fittings- ceramic, brass, silver or gold; each one of them looks terrific in such themes. Having separate taps at the sink along with a freestanding vanity are other valuable elements of this design.

  • Functional: The functional style is suitable for those bathrooms where space is a concern. Opt for bathroom fittings distributors in India that provide the ease- double vanities, mixed taps that can be used by levers and high-quality accessories. The main idea behind this style is to make the bathroom as lifestyle friendly as possible.

  • Minimalistic: Great minimalistic bathrooms have simple fittings and clean lines. It should be noted that simple does not necessarily has to be basic, in fact several fixtures and fittings designed for this design are incredibly high-tech as well. To create this style chooses angular baths, walk-in showers, efficient fittings (rainwater style shower headers and mixed shower taps), and glass at different areas to define the space.

Popular Bathroom Fittings to Choose For Your Bathrooms
Decorating the bathroom is as important as any other part of your home, and for this you need to choose the right type of fittings from bathroom fittings distributors in India. Because the ones that you select will speak volumes about the theme that you have opted for, allowing you to have the bathroom of your dreams effortlessly.

The popular fittings that must be part of your list when upgrading or building new bathrooms are:
  • Taps
  • Shower Heads
  • Towel Rails
  • Hot Water Enhancers
  • Soap & Lotion Dispensers and
  • Hooks

There are innumerable fittings to choose from, but out of the many you have to go for only those you highly prioritize.

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