Bathroom Accessories Manufacturer in India

Bathroom Accessories Manufacturer in India

How to Choose the Right Finish For Your Bathroom Accessories?
No matter how stunning the layout of bathroom remodel plan might be, it will be of no use until and unless you combine it with the right finish of accessories. But, the question that arises here is what exactly are these finishes and how does one differ from another? Well, if these questions are haunting you then worry no more here is a simple guide that will help you identify the perfect finish from bathroom accessories manufacturer in India and that too at an extreme ease.

What is Finishing & Why Does it Matter?
Finishing is an invaluable technique, in which bathroom accessories are plated with durable, water-resistant and anti-corrosive materials, so that they keep the product as it is for years to come. Besides adding a great sense of functionality, the finishes even amplify the aesthetics, complementing the color-scheme beautifully. This is the reason why equal time and attention should be paid when you are deciding- which finishing to choose.

Know the Different Types of Bathroom Accessories Finishes
There are four popular variant of finishes available in bathroom accessories stores in India and these are:

  • Chrome Finish: Made from a thin layer of chromium, the chrome finish is utilized to bring a new shine, resistance and increase the surface hardness of the bathroom accessories. The prominence of this finish led to the development of two other amazing options- black chrome and satin chrome. Black chrome plating occurs over bright nickel sheet, while stain chrome plating takes place on dull nickel which is further finished for creating a stain appearance.
  • Copper Finish: Known to be one of the bold finishes of all-time, copper is a rich and vibrant material that brings flawless finish to any accessory. Moreover, this metal comes with antibacterial properties, keeping the bathroom free from bacteria or fungal infestation for a long period of time.
  • Stainless Steel Finish: When talking about the best finishing for bathroom accessories, one can seldom forget stainless steel. Used from almost 50 years, this finish sustains the appeal for the product and keeps it brand new for years. And the best part is most of the bathroom accessories stores in India come up with stainless steel finish.
  • Satin Bronze: This finish evolved to be an alternative to copper, and remains in demand due to its affordability and ease of maintenance. It provides a smooth finish with subtle colors ensuring flexibility for several bathroom settings and styles.

Which Finish Choosing For Your Bathroom Accessories?

Discovering the ultimate finish from bathroom accessories stores in India does not have to be a difficult task when you are aware of:
  • The color-scheme that will be part of the bathroom design
  • The features that you are looking for (durability, ease of maintenance, water resistance)
  • The aesthetics that you have been longing to have and
  • The budget that you are working with Analyze each and every aspect and then choose the ideal finishing that would take the beauty of your bathroom to the next level.

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